Friday, August 17, 2012

Tunisia - Meals of Tunisia 2009

Country / Post: Tunisia
Date of Issue: 26 December 2009
Primary theme: Agriculture & Food (Food & Cooking) 
Subject: Tunisian Cooking
Width: 36.0 mm
Height: 36.0 mm
Denomination: 1.00 TND 
Number in set: 4 (show set)
Layout/Format: sheet of 35
Perforations: 13.5 by 13.5
Stamp issuing authority: Office National des Postes Tunisie
Printer: Imprimerie des timbres-poste de la Tunisie

As part of its contribution to making better known the diversity of the Tunisian tourism product, the Tunisian Post has issued a set of four stamps dedicated to the culinary tradition.

This initiative focuses on four national meals: 

250 Tunisian Dinars - Tagine
Tagine consists mainly of eggs, cheese, and minced meat to which seasonings are added.

700 Tunisian Dinars - Mechouia Salad
Mechouia salad consists of roasted vegetables (green peppers, tomatoes, onions and garlic), then skinned and roughly chopped. The dish is served with slices of boiled eggs, chunks of tuna and capers, and seasoned with olive oil.

1000 Tunisian Dinars - Grilled Fish 
Grilled fish is seasoned with condiments, brushed with oil and roasted. It is served with lemon slices and accompanied with “tastira” (fried or steamed vegetables seasoned with condiments) or green salad.

1100 Tunisian Dinars - Couscous with Meat
Couscous, the most popular among these dishes, is made of semolina steamed and basted with a sauce made mainly with meat, vegetables and chickpeas.

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