Thursday, August 16, 2012

Curacao - December Stamps 2011

Technical Data:
Date of Issue: 11 November 2011
Issue: December Stamps
Designer: Randy Maurera
Face Value of Stamps: 63c, 112c, 145c, 166c, 172c, 250c, 405c
Size of Stamps: 25mm x 36mm
Size of Image: 22mm x 33mm
Perforations of Stamps: 12 3/4 x 13 1/4
Printing: Offset coated stamp paper no watermark
Printer: Johan Enschede Stamps Security Printers, Haarlem, Te Netherlands

Like most Christians all over the world, many Curacao residents consider Christmas a joyful time of faith and they put their own unique spin on the celebration of Christ's birth.

The culture in Curacao around Christmas and New Year's season is to cook, bake, prepare dishes such as the "Bolo di Pasku", "Ayaka", "Pandushi di Pasku", "Ham di Pasku", "Salmou di Baru", "Nechi", and "Sult".
Family and friends come together during the holidays to share and eat these special food.

Nieuwe Post is proud to share with you in this 7 stamp issue, a piece of Curacao holiday culinary culture.

We also want to wish you in our native language Papiamentu "Bon Pasku i Felis Ana Nobo" - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

63 Cent - "Bolo di Pasku"
Translated it menas christmas cake, it is a dark fruit cake.

112 Cent - "Ayaka"
Chicken tamales wrapped in banana leaves.

145 Cent - "Pandushi di Pasku"
Sweet Rolls (raisin bread filled with almond paste).

166 Cent - "Ham di Pasku"
Holiday baked ham.

172 Cent - "Salmou di Baru"
Salted, dried salmon, pickled in vinegar and onions.

250 Cent - "Nechi"

405 Cent - "Sult"
Pickled pigs ears and feet.


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