Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Portugal - The Flavours of Lusophony 2009

Country/ Post: Portugal
Date of Issue: 05 June 2009
Primary theme: Agriculture & Food (Food & Cooking)
Subject: The Flavours of Lusophony
Stamps Width: 40.0 mm
Stamps Height: 30.6 mm
SS Width: 30.6 mm
SS Height: 40.0 mm
Denomination: 0.32€, 0.68€, 0.80€, & 1.85€
Layout/Format:  miniature sheet of 1
Perforations: 13 by 13
Stamp issuing authority: CTT Correios de Portugal SA
Printer: Cartor Security Printing
Coordination: David Lopes Ramos
Author: Acacio Santos/ Nick Smith

0.32€ - Brasil, Leitoa num Ar de Sarapatel
0.32€ - India, Bebinca das Sete colinas
0.68€ - África, Angola, Caldeirada de Cabrito
0.68€ - Portugal: Bacalhau, Pão, Vinho e Azeite
0.80€ - África, Cabo Verde, Do Cozido à Cachupa
0.80€ - Ásia – No caldeiro…a tempura
1.85€ - Bacalhau, Pão, Vinho e Azeite (SS)

The Flavours of Lusophony

Lusophony countries is the set whose official language is Portuguese or Galician (since there are groups who defend the latter belonging to the Lusophone due to their common origin). There are eight Lusophone countries in which Portuguese is official language.

The stamps commemorate the unique flavours of these countries

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